at night i fall asleep

from subtitles & paper planes by my sister grenadine



september stones and ice cream cones
while the stars are out of reach
pitch black hats and lazy white cats
on your postcard from the east

oh from the east
oh from the east
far far from the east

talk show hosts and famous little ghosts
and at night i fall asleep
with your head on fire and your hands on the wire
it ain´t easy to leave

ain´t´easy to leave
ain´t easy to leave
so so easy to leave

revolving doors i saw some marbles on the floor
where someone left a dream
on this gloomy afternoon like a dusty grey cartoon
with portraits of old things

oh all the things
oh all the things
all kinds of old things

there´s a left handed sky
there´s your veins running dry
you are a puppet on a string

get your feet on the ground
colored leaves all around
you do it all again

do it all again
do it all again
you do it all again


from subtitles & paper planes, released August 20, 2010


all rights reserved



my sister grenadine Berlin, Germany

My Sister Grenadine lives at various places. These places are songs, these songs are people. Let´s meet and walk for a bit while listening to each other.

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